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Privacy Policy is a loan matching service website. We are not a lender, we collect your details in encrypted format and forward your application to lenders for loan processing.

By submitting a loan application on you allow us to share your information with lenders offering quick cash advance in your region (Canada). You grant the permission to be contacted by these lenders to offer you a payday loan quotation. Any of these quotations that you receive will be free of cost without an obligation to accept it. However, there could be a fee for loan application/processing which would be charged by lender (as they would inform you).

We will not use your personal information for any purpose (marketing our services/products). But we do forward it to the lenders who will contact you to offer you their financial services. You will be contacted through phone and email to provide you quotations for loan and other related services. The lenders might also offer you deals on the any other products or services on the basis of your requirement.

We will not contact you to verify your details or any other purpose. If in case you are contacted by any individual claiming to be our representative, please completely ignore them. Also, please notify us of any such acts so that we can take necessary measures to stop them.

Our privacy policies are simple, as our service is. We do update our privacy policy with time & as per industry requirements. So, it is advisable to read these policies every time you submit an application on this website. Even if you have read these once, just make sure there are no new clauses added to this section that you were not aware of.